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martes, diciembre 10, 2002

Jingle Ball 2002
So I went to KDWB's Jingle Ball 2002 last night. The show had: Daniel Bedingfield, Cam'ron, O-Town, Craig David and Destiny's Child. I will describe each act in a phrase or two, due to time constraints.
Daniel Bedingfield: I've seen better acts at a junior high talent show. You know it's bad when there's a DJ, Daniel (gyrating oddly), and a guitarist on a folding chair. I played a game on my cell phone during this time.
Cam'ron: He came out with 3 friends, we're still not sure which one was Cam. They tried to rap together, but it just didn't work, they seemed pretty high. My brother fell asleep during this.
O-Town: Cute little boy band. Good though. Good dancing, singing, guitar...and they actually had a band.
Craig David: He was hot as fire. And his music was twice as good. He did all his fun techno songs with solely an amazing acoustic guitar. Amazing.
Destiny's Child: Great! They reconstructed the stage with all these mirrors and stuff, pretty cool. I was pretty amazed by their voices, just as I always am. But, poor Michelle. Kelly had two solo songs and Beyoncé had two as well. But little Michelle had none. Get a clue and get a #1 smash!
Awesome show after the first two acts, but it was worth it after that.
Random quote:
"The media immediately points a finger at me,
So I point one back at 'em,
But not the index or pinky or the ring or the thumb,
it's the one you put up when you..."
---Marshall Mathers III